Happy New Year !!! 2018 🎇

Please stay tuned to my blog I’m cooking up some good things this year good stories makeup shows clothes !!!


Talk about it Tuesday !

Good Morning my Fashionistas!!

It’s Tuesday 6 more days until 🎄 Christmas !!!

I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s i usually spend this day prepping my blog for Wig Wednesday but i wanted to talk about two things that are bothering me :

1. Lack of support :

So I’ve been doing hair roughly since i was like 10 and I’m 35 now my mom taught me how to corn braid, do single braids, and twist she also showed me how to straighten and curl hair so hair at a young age hair has always been “my thing” since a youth .I’ve even attended a trade high school where cosmetology was taught !

Over the years i perfected my craft (gift) in certain areas other areas i want to become strong in like braiding with hair added and sew ins learning different techniques, braid patterns to sew hair down ,learn a neater and even flow of stitching along with properly coloring hair and cutting hair the proper way.

So here where the non support comes or lack of support comes in at i shall say folks ,family, friends ,and or foes will come to you all day to get their hair done if your kitchen stitching meaning giving them a bomb deals down playing your talent giving discounts and or free hair do’s never charging what your worth and time spent doing the hair do’s everyone is around for that never tipping and almost never saying thank you but will some how inconvenience your life with the i don’t have all the money but here’s 20 dollars or can you do my hair today and i will pay you next Friday !….. So Do you walk into Walmart get a cart full of things and say to the cashier i don’t have it right now I’m going to get these things and pay you on Friday it doesn’t work like that that’s not how any of this works .

Now when your out here doing things by the book getting your hair license or correct term your cosmetology license learning proper techniques on how to care for hair ,do hair different styles etc to add to your resume to charge what your worth ,to never down play your talent and or gift nobody is around for that because now this 20/30 dollar hair do’s are now 80/100 dollars and nobody wants to pay that so basically what they are telling you is that your not worth this 100 your talent isn’t that great for me to pay 100 which is very sad and sometimes hurtful they will always go to Tameka or MiMi who’s kitchen stitching looking for a free and cheap hair do . So me as a stylist have to look for and reach a different clientele then what I’m use to in order to thrive in this business.

2. Branding Yourself and Your Business

So here the things I’ve recently reached out to few people and posted in a few groups that i want to be a brand ambassador for companies that have to do with


-make up





I had a few emails and fb inboxes regarding me being a brand ambassador only about 2 stood out to me seemed like something i really wanted to do most people wanted me to join a team and sell their products which they though would be me promoting and generating sales most folks had the wrong definition or idea Of what a brand ambassador is and what they do so i had to decline the sales portion of that I’m not looking to sale anything right now most people want you to buy a certain amount of their products and or kits and i don’t have the time for all that .

So here where I’m at with this I’m all for purchasing from the company giving a honest reviews to promote sales bring in new customers because people will believe you more if your wear or use what your trying to sale with most companies I’ve come into contact with wants you to purchase their goods but then you don’t see a return investment their is no real payout so I’m out here wearing 2/3 hundred dollars worth of hair promoting this product heavily on my social media offering discounts for future purchases using my name and i am not making a dime off doing this so again i’m questioning myself like why are you really doing this ? Oh it’s to get yourself out their …hmmmm no

Life is so complicated right now trying to find my nitch and start a business with my two daughters i just need to sit and think 🤔 because I’m overwhelmed with ideas 💡 amongst other things i just need to focus in one task at hand and relax my mind and write down these thoughts and make them a reality….

Stayed tuned to see what’s to come of all of this til next time !

Stay Classy 💋

Tilli 🖤💋


Make up Monday !!

Hey my Fashionistas

It’s Make Up Monday !!!

So today on Make Up Monday Feature is the bomb Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

I bought this from my local Ulta it’s very affordable, i bought this in the color dark brown now i have tried a few other brands of Dip Brow Pomade and Dip Brow gel and this by far is the absolute best and me favorite.

It stayed on all day with no smudging and it was easy to wipe off using my Shea cocoa butter make up remover wipes . I did use concealer to give it a sharp crisp look . I am not a professional as of yet and i practice and take a lot time on my brows because I’m a perfectionist.

I’ve included two pictures of my brows i hope you enjoy this insert of make up Monday

Stay Classy

Tilli 🖤💋

Sexy Shoe Sunday !

Hello My Fashionistas !

It’s Sexy Shoe Sunday !!! 👏🏽

So us ladies love a good heel ,flat bootie ,and boot !!!

Here are my top picks for this weeks Sexy Shoe Sunday :

1. Classic suede heeled bootie (maroon) they go great with jeans, legging and skirts it’s an overall great look !

2. The classic Ugg Boot short styles great to pair with jeans,legging and or sweatpants they can be dressed up or down depending on your mood !!!

3.The stylist Fur Slides very comfortable can be worn with pretty much anything always a go to for comfort !

4. The Vintage Style Oxford can be pears with jeans and dress pants a blazer they also can be dressed up or down depending on your mood ! My favorite ☺️

Thank you for tuning this weeks blog i hope you have a blessed Sunday !

Stay Classy !

Tilli 🖤💋

Fashion Friday Christmas Edition !!!

Hello My Fashionistas it’s Friday !!!

On today’s edition of fashion Friday’s we will look into Christmas party attire whether it’s for a office party ,family party ,or a party you are invited to this is most definitely the time to pretty it up .

Here are a few looks i created on polyvore festive for this season :

Look #1:

Simple and sleek for the office party with a hint of red

Look #2

Sexy in Red great for a family Christmas Party or a party you are being invited to !

Look #3

Simple with a hint of green great for an office party or a house party you are sure to be stylish and comfortable.

So let me know what you think of my three polyvore outfit made choices !

Thank you for tuning in ,see you next Friday for more fashion finds and a look into styles i love and create on polyvore !!!!

Stay Classy

Tilli 🖤

Fashion Friday’s !!!! 

So we made it to the end of the week my Fashionistas ….its almost The Weekend y’all you have to get through the rest of your wok day and your home free .

Hey ladies it’s Fashion Friday !!!!

With it being kinda fall here now in North Carolina !!! Weather still fairly bi polar . These are some of my looks for Work and after work to just chill and hang with the family and friends !!!  And also a look I would put together for my weekend vibes /activities .

Work : this look is sexy and sleek for fall with a Up or down hair style light natural make up for the office or a sexy Smokey eyes for a from the office straight to Happy Hour look with friends either way this looks is my favorite

This look can be purchased almost anywhere that sells slacks and blazers matched with your favorite pump and striped or solid button down  stud earrings and a bracelet no necklace needed for this look .

Weekend Mash Up : this look is comfortable for a day out shopping at the mall or chilling with the family at home . Or doing weekend activities with the kids no make up required but a lip no fancy hair styles you can even rock your favorite hat wig hair style this is a always go to look for me !!!

This look can be purchased at that Mall or online leggings hat headband book bag sweat shirt at Macy’s or Nike.com

I hope you ladies enjoyed Fashion Friday !!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Until next time stay Classy 💋<<
illi 🖤

Wig Wednesday

Welcome to Wig Wednesday’s
Hey my Wonderful Divas On today’s feature of Wig Wednesday it’s one of my absolute favorites !!!

(HH MiMi)

I ordered this wig off of a site called wigtypes.com for 19.99 I think it’s on the site now for 20.30 I have this in the color jet black it’s my favorite go to Wig not too long not too short it’s just right. I will most definitely be purchasing this wig again in another color !

Here is a photo of me rocking HH MiMi

Stay Classy ladies !!! 💋

Tilli 🖤