Fashion Friday’s !!!! 

So we made it to the end of the week my Fashionistas ….its almost The Weekend y’all you have to get through the rest of your wok day and your home free .

Hey ladies it’s Fashion Friday !!!! 

With it being kinda fall here now in North Carolina !!! Weather still fairly bi polar . These are some of my looks for Work and after work to just chill and hang with the family and friends !!!  And also a look I would put together for my weekend vibes /activities .

Work : this look is sexy and sleek for fall with a Up or down hair style light natural make up for the office or a sexy Smokey eyes for a from the office straight to Happy Hour look with friends either way this looks is my favorite 

This look can be purchased almost anywhere that sells slacks and blazers matched with your favorite pump and striped or solid button down  stud earrings and a bracelet no necklace needed for this look .

Weekend Mash Up : this look is comfortable for a day out shopping at the mall or chilling with the family at home . Or doing weekend activities with the kids no make up required but a lip no fancy hair styles you can even rock your favorite hat wig hair style this is a always go to look for me !!!

This look can be purchased at that Mall or online leggings hat headband book bag sweat shirt at Macy’s or 

I hope you ladies enjoyed Fashion Friday !!! 

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Until next time stay Classy 💋
Tilli 🖤

Wig Wednesday

Welcome to Wig Wednesday’s
Hey my Wonderful Divas On today’s feature of Wig Wednesday it’s one of my absolute favorites !!!

(HH MiMi) 

I ordered this wig off of a site called for 19.99 I think it’s on the site now for 20.30 I have this in the color jet black it’s my favorite go to Wig not too long not too short it’s just right. I will most definitely be purchasing this wig again in another color ! 

Here is a photo of me rocking HH MiMi 

Stay Classy ladies !!! 💋

Tilli 🖤

Make Up Monday !!!! 

Hello My Fashionistas It’s Tilli with my very first Make Up Monday !!!! 

So I hope you all are having a fabulous Monday !!!!

Today on Make Up Monday we will be talking about Fenty Beauty ! 

So I’ve been reading mixed reviews about this Make Up brand some good, some bad but more positive than anything although I haven’t mustered up the courage to actually buy anything yet I will be purchasing this brand for my daughter for Christmas she is better at Make Up than I am so stayed tuned for a full video featuring her honest review and application  !!!!  If you have purchased Fenty Beauty I would love to hear your honest review your likes and dislikes ☺️

Next up on Make Up Monday is La Girl Pro Concealer

Now this product here is amazing I use and purchase this often for myself to aid in my eyebrow routine it’s very inexpensive and you can find it almost anywhere your local beauty supply, some clothing stores , I’ve  also seen it at my local dollar tree ( a steal) the most I’ve ever paid for this was 3.00. I see a lot of Make Up gurus on YouTube I follow use this and other brands including the concealer palette but this seems to be a hit !!!!!!it come in several different shades for all my ladies . So if you have not tried this I say give it a shot you will not be disappointed.

This includes today’s Make Up Monday stay tuned for the next feature for Make Up Monday !!

Tilli 🖤

Beauty School Drop Out or so I Thought !!!

Life is but a Dream !
When going back to school to pursue your dream but in your 30’s  this ought to be fun 😩

So for so long I’ve been having set back after set back doubt fear anxiety about returning to schools and finally getting my cosmetology license amongst of other things on this short list of things I want to finally accomplish in 2018 it took me about 15 years to finally be ready to do this after raising kids working and perfecting my craft I Things it’s time Hair has always been my thing since a young child it’s something I just been great at a lot things I know and do have been self taught with practice some have been showed to me once or twice or I kill a YouTube video and just branch out and do it myself I’m a avid wig lover I will make a wig so quick just that I won’t have to do my hair for a few days as well as research and purchase a few .

I went to a trade high school back home but unfortunately that’s was cut short because I had my first daughter my Jr year of high school took a year off went back and eventually graduating from high school I’ve tried to go back twice to cosmetology school But it just wasn’t meant for me to attend at the time I recently as of last year tried to go back I was this close to starting when I got a call the school was closing to to misuse of federal aide monies 🤦🏽‍♀️ really are you freaking kidding me so I just said the hell with this maybe it’s not meant .

Here it is the opportunity is here again for me to go beings that I have a opportunity to be a stay at home mom and now focus on my career but now when I’m 35 I can’t even half way pay attention to anything for 2 min how the hell will I be able to focus and do this school thing geesh Tilli get a grip 🤦🏽‍♀️ you wanted this your whole life now is the time my everyday pep talk so here goes nothing I’m finally starting school January 2018 .

Tilli goes back to school stay tuned !!! 

Welcome To All ThingS Tilli 

Well Hello ! 

My name is Maria also know as Tilli to a lot of folks …Welcome to my blog and my very first blog post this is very new for me and I want to inspire uplift and involve those who will be reading and following my blog I’m all about positivity I’m not always the serious type but I do love to laugh and have fun !!!

So what to expect to see here well for the most part I want to keep you all interested in my crazy life and things that I love like and adore which is make up anything involving hair and fashion !!!  

So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy 
Tilli 🖤